Life Is Good


Life is Good

Day 1 – Life Is Good

Tilden Park, Berkeley Marina

Friday, August 12, 2011

The day started with a trip to REI Berkely. Bought our Alaska rations and then some.

Looking forward to freeze dried Mac n Cheese, Red Beans & Rice and more!!!!! YUM!

Cheese Board Pizza was our next stop and if I was a tad more hungry, Chad would have not had to eat the entire half pizza.

Next leg was Tilden Park.

Gorgeous weather, views galore, and the Gotham City as a backdrop was out of this world.

I learned today that Jack’s dog tag actually says “Jack Howard”…..this just cracks me up!

JACK HOWARD!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!

And Jack LOVES to hike…….his leg up at most everything he comes across.

I also confirmed today during our hike in beautiful Tilden Park that Chad, who also goes by the native name “Manboy Who Sucks His Thumb” is a dorkus mungus.

Our next stop…….Berekely Bowl, for more Alaska rations, then the Marina where we met up with Chad’s (Manboy Who Sucks His Thumb) good friends, Captain/Chef Mr. Scott and Uber Photographer, Mr. Kurt. Both very gracious people and honoured to have met them.

Red Red Wine, good food, great conversation and intimate company has topped this already perfect day, a Friday to put in the books!!!!!!!


Lunch in Berkeley at Cheese Board
[          Map]Tilden
Does this not look like Gotham City?
[Map]Jack Howard
Jack loves to “Hike”

Jack is my Sundial
Berkeley Marina
[Map]Captain Scott
Jack is soooo cute
[Map]The Funky Bunch


The End:)

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