Trapper Creek


Day 6 – Trapper Creek

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today is Tuesday! Shower Day…..I am sooooooo excited to get my shower!

We didn’t get up this morning until 10:30. We have been going, going, going and obviously needed the rest. Felt so good to just sleep in and not have to be up so early.

We pack everything up and load the canoe and off we go. Get to main shore and start our hike back to the car. It has been raining again and the trail looks magical. Everything is wet and the lush foliage is dripping with rain drops and the colors have much intensity.

What we have noticed is the abundance of variety of mushrooms. There are so many different kinds of all shape, color, and sizes. Chad and I have become obsessed at looking for mushrooms that we stop often along the trail to photograph them. The trail we are on is very foresty like but in a mystical sort of way. With the colors being so intense and the lush foliage with huge ferns everywhere and the large sizes and colors and shapes of these mushrooms, it feels as if we are in a fairyland. At any moment I wouldn’t be surprised if Tinkerbell and Peter Pan appeared. It is something out of a movie no lie and NO! We did not eat any magic mushrooms either, hahahahahaha!!

We finally arrive at our car. Pack it up and on our way we go up to Trapper Creek, where our Lodge awaits us. It is about an hours drive. We arrive and WOO-HOO! It is a very nice place. Kind of reminds me of being in Disneyland. We get our keys and head to the room and I am first in the shower. Ahhhhh… great it feels. My hair was so dirty it didn’t even lather up the first time I tried to soap it. My hair is soooooo dry it is falling out in clumps.

Another attempt to wash and it comes somewhat clean.

We head to the onsite “Alaska Grill” and man oh man….cheeseburger and French Fries never tasted so good!

Squeaky clean and a full belly…..ahhhh such is life!

Red Mushrooms

The Lodge

Funky Mushroom



Happy Mushrooms!

The Lodge in Trapper Creek


Crazy Pretty

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