Our Final Day


Day 8 – Last Day

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Woke up stiff as expected. We take showers and then head to restaurant to grab breakfast.

Pack up car and head into downtown Talkeetna. OK, I am officially bummed out. Talkeetna downtown is the cutest town we have come across thus far and I wish we would have come down here last night. Lots of little pubs and little eating spots. One of the little pubs/restaurants was on Man vs. Food for this monster hamburger that Chad and I, had we not just had breakfast, want to split and eat! Dammit! The town is soooooo dang cute and quaint and I could seriously see myself living here.

We walk around for a bit hoping that we get hungry so we can try that hamburger but we just are not hungry enough. Bummer! We decide to head out and make our way to Montana Creek for one last fishing stint before we head back to Anchorage.

Our plane leaves tonite or should I say tomorrow morning at 1:30AM, and we told ourselves when we arrived in Anchorage on Thursday, that in one week, in our very last of hours here, we would have pizza at a place that is known to be THE BEST PIZZA……The Mooses Tooth.

…..and it was! Super duper yummy pizza!!! It was the restaurants anniversary and they were having a big parking lot party while we were inside eating. Rapper Mos Def was hired to play. There were tons of people. The most we have seen since the airport last Thursday.

We finish our tasty pizza dinner and then head over to a place called The Backpackers Inn which is a hostel and we go there to see if we can take showers. We pay $5.00 and let me tell ya, had myself a wonderful HOT shower. This place was better than the lodge we stayed in last night. Way better!!! Clean and up to date. If you ever need a cheap place to stay, I would recommend The Backpackers Inn.

After our showers we head to airport. Time to say good-bye to Alaska! Our maiden voyage has ended. I am sad to leave this magnificent state.

I love it here!

More Mushrooms

Proud Mr Fishin’ Magician!

Downtown Talkeetna


Moose Shop Talkeetna

Such a cute downtown!!

Man vs Food Restaurant!

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